Every month we will send you a website support report covering the following:

Updates ~ You will see the total number of updates that were performed on your website that month. We update all of our client’s websites once a week.

Backups ~ We run backups your site (frequency is dependent on plan) to ensure that in case an emergency hits your website has a reliable backup available. You will see an overview of how many backups were done, and also the most recent one.

Optimization ~ To keep your website running fast we optimize it by deleting post revisions, cleaning up the database as needed. You will see an overview of what was optimized that month.

Security ~ Security scans are run daily to ensure that your website is free of any malware or security threats. You will see an overview of Malware Scans, Vulnerabilities, Web Trust.

Basic Analytics ~ To keep you up to date with what your website is doing we connect it to Google Analytics. Your report will cover: Site Sessions, Page Views, Pages/Sessions, New Sessions, Referrers, Keywords, Top Page Views, Bounce Rate, Social Media Sessions, Average Time on Site.

E-Commerce Data (if applicable)